Sito dedicato alla comunità di Montecelio e alle sue tradizioni in particolare alla festa di San Michele Arcangelo con la sfilata delle Vunnelle
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An elegant abode for all your needs

Preserve, my good fellow, all that exists or you will find of ancient and take care jealously everything as sacred deposit transmitted by the ancestors, to witness the splendor that once covered your lands

Don Celestino Piccolini

aaaThe last Sunday of September of each year, the town celebrates in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, with the main event, the famous "Vunnele" and "Butteri" parade, taking place that morning.

For the current year, the responsible
Committee 'Class 1969-1970' has made the program of the feast with events taking place from Wednesday to Sunday evening.

The 'Vunnelle' and 'Butteri' parade is going to take place on Sunday at about 10:00 am starting from Via del Borgo moving to the church of San Michele, crossing Piazza San Giovanni.

Furthermore, seemingly minor events are in the process of programming throughout the weekend. They aim, among other, is to rediscover the remotest corners of the historic center, testing here and there and sometimes at the presence of local dialect musicians - named “stornellatori” - some local products and, at the same time, revitalize interest for the local traditions in the new generations.